Ubuntu is an operating system that was developed by Canonical Ltd, based on the Isle of Man. Ubuntu was owned by a South African businessman named Mark Shuttleworth. Ubuntu refers to a Debian based Linux operating system,in which Unity is its default desktop environment.

It is established on free software and has been named after the Southern African philosophy of Ubuntu, which in literal sense refers to humanity towards others or the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity

According to certain popular metrics, Ubuntu is the utmost widespread desktop Linux distribution.

This project is widely committed to the principles of open source development. Under this practice, people are encouraged to utilize free software, study how it works, progress upon it, and thereby distribute it.

Ubuntu’s goal is to be secure “out-of-the box”. By default, the user’s programs run with low privileges and cannot corrupt the operating system or other users’ files. For increased security, the sudo tool is used to assign temporary privileges for performing administrative tasks, which allows the root account to remain locked and helps prevent inexperienced users from inadvertently making catastrophic system changes or opening security holes.

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