Apache Server

Apache server is a quick, secure and exceptionally solid web server programming. It is appropriated under open source permit and accessible free. Clients can adjust it to suit their changing needs as they have an extensive variety of additional items and augmentations accessible as an open library.

Apache server was first created in 1995 by a gathering of around 20 developers that called themselves as the Apache bunch as a sign of regard for Native American Apache Indian clan.

The main variant of Apache was composed for UNIX. Later with the Apache Version 2 it is additionally created and keeps running on most UNIX based working frameworks (Linux, Digital UNIX, Solaris), Amiga OS, Windows and Mac Operating frameworks. Apache underpins both dynamic and static sites that have scripting dialects like PHP, Python or Perl. It is said in regards to 67% of the sites on the web keep running on the Apache server and a greater part of the WordPress hosting suppliers embrace the Apache server programming.

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