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Creating a Wiki site has become a trend, as it allows businesses to expand their reach by building a knowledge base that can be swiftly viewed, uploaded, and revised by a large group of users. Wikis can be customized to match specific themes with regards to the topic covered.


PukiWiki is a solution that allows both you and your visitors to add, edit and delete content without any restrictions. You can use your web browser without the need for additional software.


High powered, scalable and feature-rich wiki software.


PmWiki is a wiki system making it easy to collaborate in the creation and maintenance of your website. Pages look and behave just as a regular page aside from an “Edit” link that makes for easy updates.


Perfect for developer teams with its powerful syntax.

Tiki Wiki

Offers out-of-the-box features unavailable with competing solutions


WikkaWiki is a wiki solution focused on providing high performance, security and extensibility. Your and your users will easily be able to edit your site with the exclusive WikkaEdit toolbar.