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If you think it’s time to customize your online store for (Responsive Website Designing ) Tablets, mobile devices, does it mean that you are redesigning it? If you hire developers to customize a default WordPress theme you’ve been using over the years, is it also considered a new format? What if you are migrating from WordPress to Drupal? Or Static Website for WordPress?

Obviously, redesigning the website is more than comparing new colors, buttons, menus and forms. However, companies that start the process of redesigning the website have the same goals – online presence, better user experience, or higher conversion. WEBVIKTAYA will definitely help you achieve those goals, even if “redesign” does not make sense for you.

Successfully Redesign Your Website

To ensure that your website’s redesign is successful and timely. This includes adequate research, establishing realistic expectations, monitoring the design process and measuring objectives.

Expectations of research and setting.
Design companies designed by you will also do their own research, but it is equally important that your company does this. Your investigation should be preliminary and the results should determine the direction at which it is guided. In this survey, you should properly explain the designer you want your website to be.

Some lists have been recommended to guide the designer. Please consider the following.

Website for design tips
Colors, fonts, logos and other brand content.
I want to use stock image
Main purpose of website (user registration)
This will help you develop successful creative summaries and will help designers design products that will achieve their objectives. After your own research, you should define some goals that you want to get in the redesign of your website, for example:

Increase conversion rate by 25%
Improve user commitment
Improve the structure of SEO and your website.
Another part of this process is deciding how to measure your goals. Do you use Google Analytics or other analysis software to measure user engagement? Does conversion rates count prospects and sales? If your goal involves SEO, then you have to set some measurable goals.

As a forward-thinking person, you should be able to imagine your company in five years and provide the basis for future changes. WordPress is a CMS that offers over 40,000 add-ons and design themes while generating 29.4% of all websites. If you choose to replace the old adobe site with an elegant WordPress store, adding 1,000 pages to the catalog will not worry about the scalability and performance of your website.
3. Trial and start with the best.
Yes, they decided to redesign their website and complete the process as a professional. Next Step? Establish a realistic release date that leaves enough time for quality control. There are many things to consider at this level.

# Make a careful strategy.

Identify your brand and target your audience. How does your client feel about your company? What do they expect from you and your site? Be sure to check for feedback from users received since the site was activated.
To identify pages and content that should remain intact, look at Google Analytics data and what does not work. Is your content included in your new website?
Identify key performance indicators that are important to your company, such as the number of website visitors per month, bounce rates, and average site time.
Set your goals. For example, suppose you want to accelerate your company’s website, improve its functionality, and increase conversion rates. Or just renew the look.
Get competitive analysis and search many of the sites you like most. What characteristics do they use? When you’re ready to learn more, draw lines with paper and pencil, or use simple tools like fake spaces and a hair stylist to show scroll bars, other UI’s, or determinable symbols or blocks. How to connect text to screens and screens.
Decide what you want to do now and what you want to do now.
The user interface design is just the tip of the iceberg. This accounts for 30% of the life of a web project. Because of this, you do not know how your website works, so you can not make a strategy to redesign your website. That’s why you need expert help.

“Redesigning a Website” may refer to any of the following:

Appearance changes that affect only the user interface pane
We changed the design of the background that can change the appearance without increasing the functionality of the site.

  1. Site-wide reviews, including migration to a new CMS, include new modules and extensions, and a new user interface.
  2. What position should your company take?
  3. It really depends on current key performance indicators, objectives, development strategies and budgets.
  4. Suppose you manage a WooCommerce site.
  5. It is one of the customization of the look of the old flat design. This is an engine recommendation for other products.
  6. Minor changes to site functionality may change the user interface.


The most common reasons a business decides to redesign a website are:

  • They don’t think their current website looks good anymore
  • A competitor just launched a new website
  • They think their current website isn’t working as well as it used to

WEBVIKTAYA considers all the factors and gives you a fresh piece of cake. That third reason is especially good. But if you do not know what is not working on the existing site, then your new website can experience very precise problems. Use a combination of data analysis and user testing to determine the vulnerabilities of your current website. See that people are getting out of the checkout process. Find pages where people are leaving without changing your website. Check with your customer service team to see what complaints and struggles your customers have seen in relation to your website. Do not just think about what has broken or what works better. Just because your new site is pleasing to the eye does not mean that it will make it quick for your visitors to change.



Your website needs to reach your customer. If you do not know who your client is, then you will not be able to reach them. The job of a web designer is not just sitting and making your website beautiful. A website should be built with a specific purpose in mind. The more you can tell your designer about your customers, the better your designer can create a site for your customer. Each piece of your website should be kept in mind for your target audience. Remember, you are not designing the site for yourself. You are designing it for those who are going to use it.

So what do you need to know about your customer? As much as possible, including: WE IMPLEMENT GOOGLE ANALYTICS | SEMRUSH | BING WEBMASTER and give you idea of : 

  • Age, gender, interests
  • Online behavior
  • Technology, including preferred browsers and devices

You can get most of the information you need about your customers by looking at your analytics data and demographics reports.

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