How to Brainstorm Keyword Phrases for SEO

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How to Brainstorm Keyword Phrases for SEO

First, you need to brainstorm keyword phrases that you want to rank for on Google. You may be thinking, “I know exactly what keyword I need to rank for!” But, trust me, you can’t be sure at this point. You need to create an exhaustive list of around 30 to 50 keyword phrases and then test those keyword phrases to find the best ones (I’ll share more on this in another post).

I suggest starting with your core business offerings and then build from there. For example, here is a part of the list from the last time our team did this exercise. These phrases focused on helping Sideways8 rank for SEO:

  • WordPress SEO help
  • Atlanta SEO help
  • SEO for small business
  • SEO small business Atlanta
  • SEO for midsize companies
  • Small company SEO
  • Search engine optimization small business

Notice that we didn’t just list “SEO” and stop there. We tried to think through many different combinations that someone might type in where we would want to show up. I’m sure I could make this list of seven into thirty, but this is a good start.

Also, notice that several of our phrases are longer than just one or two words. It’s always good to test these longer phrases, known as long tail keywords because they are often very specific and if they get enough search volume they can be easy to rank for on Google.

I recommend getting your team involved in brainstorming keywords for SEO. If your business offers five products or services, you should be able to come up with an initial keyword phrase list of around 50 to test. Having the entire team join in the brainstorming will get you a large number of keyword phrases much more quickly.

As you are brainstorming keyword phrases for SEO make sure that you work through combinations of your services, your client’s business, and your location. Then, work through combinations with just two of those three items.

Quick formula to help you brainstorm SEO keyword phrases

  • Your service + your client’s business + your location
  • Your service + your client’s business
  • Your service + your location
  • Your service + your client’s business need + your location
  • Your service + your client’s business need
  • etc.

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