Apple’s latest OS is less than a week away from general release


Apple’s latest OS is less than a week away from general release

iOS 12, Apple’s new operating system for the iPhone and iPad, will be officially launched on 12 September, following a developer beta that launched back in June.

As the name suggests, this is the 12th iteration of the mobile operating system, succeeding the current version, iOS 11. Some key improvements have been confirmed, which users and developers alike will welcome. Read on to find out the latest news and rumours about the next version of iOS.

iOS 12.1 launches today

  • 70+ new emoji – good news for redheads, curly-haired and bald folks
  • Group FaceTime for up to 32 users is part of the iOS 12.1 beta
  • Adjust photo background blur (bokeh) in real time (not just afterward)
  • eSIM support menus are live in the beta – but carrier support is needed
  • References ‘iPadfall2018’ – a big iPad Pro 2018 hint

The iOS 12.1 release date is today, Tuesday, October 30, according to Apple. The timing is in line with the company’s launch event for the iPad Pro 2018 and new Macs.

There are five important iOS 12.1 changes:

70+ new emoji
On October 2, Apple announced that more than 70 new emoji were launching with the iOS 12.1 developer beta 2. Get ready for red, gray and curly hair options, as well as bald people, according to Apple’s official press release. Softballs, skateboards, and frisbees are here for alternative sports, while new animal and food emojis include kangaroos, lobsters (sometimes a food, always an animal) bagels, and cupcakes.

Group FaceTime
First, Group FaceTime for up to 32 users is here. To test it out, however, you’re going to have to pair up with people who have iOS 12.1 beta, so its use cases are limited right now.

Portrait Mode bokeh effects
Second, Apple has improved the bokeh (background blur) feature in portrait mode on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Before you could only adjust the blur after a picture was taken. Now, with iOS 12.1, you can also adjust the blur in real time, as you’re snapping a photo. This helps you better frame your portrait photos.

eSIM support – kind of
Third, eSIM iPhone support is live with the proper setup menus. But there’s a catch for setting up the simulated dual-SIM – you’ll have to wait for your carrier to start supporting the feature, which may happen on the official iOS 12.1 release date.

iOS 12.1 fixes bugs
Fourth, the iOS 12.1 release notes indicate that you’re in for some bug fixes. That’s very good news if you’re experiencing problems. Apple’s updates usually remedy the issue, however, you may have to wait until iOS 12.2 in order to fix the iPhone XS and XS Max charging issues.

iPadfall2018 reference
Fifth, although not a feature, the iOS 12.1 code references ‘iPad2018fall’ and that’s interesting to us. We’re likely to see the iPad Pro 2018 launch. New iPad Pro rumors point to a bezel-reduced iPad, one with a TrueDepth camera for Face ID and Memoji. There are plenty of hints in iOS 12.1 that Animoji and Memoji are going to be supersized on Apple’s tablet soon.

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